Western Latvia

The Blue Clay Country Spa (BCCS) competition brief imagines a seamless relationship between the private experience of retreat and the shared experience of spa. Our proposal weaves this interconnected program through the site, engaging its most prominent features: the oak trees and lake. The  result of this makes for a curated architectural narrative as the visitor makes their way through site, a narrative which is both prescribed and open ended. The undulations of the building's form creates an interplay between intimate moments that embrace the trunks of the oak trees and more expansive panoramic vistas that open out to the landscape. Almost hidden from view and never experienced as singular object, the building is not an imposition on its context but a platform from which to appreciate it.
Design Collaborators: Cass Nakashima

Status: Competition
Program: Spa, guesthouse, service house and site amenities
Client: SRED Global
Size: 720 sm
Type: Hospitality