Looking up at the nave reveals the increasingly bloated grotesque enmeshed in the stick structure. 
 The entire lattice structure is built from a single uniform module. Each module begins as an off-the-shelf 2x4 pressure-treated stud which is CNC milled to create the proper geometry. 
 The milled building modules then notch together for a flush connection. At these points the modules are pinned together by a connector consisting of two sections of a standard angle steel profile. 
 The alternating notches on each module allow for the construction to be pieced together as a quasi woven structure. In this way the components flex against each other, providing an inherent rigidity to the structure. 
 The two woven walls are secured together with strip steel structures. These structures also act as the framework to which the “house” units are attached.  
 Each “house” unit is composed of an inner rigid foam skeleton, milled in two pieces. The foam is sealed and then clad by vacuum formed plastic which is painted to a mirror gold finish.
Radcliffe 3
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