This project proposal is intended as physical manifestation of the current bloated nature of our housing stock; it is a gilded cenotaph to our collective aggrandizement of the excessively large single-family home. As such, its construction mirrors that of so many suburban developments around the country. Using the most ordinary of building materials as a module, the 2x4 stud, a woven grid edifice is built which—like any number of housing tracts throughout the country—is completely alien to the local topography. Enshrined in this grid is what seems like a perfectly regimented assortment of gold homes.

From afar the structure reads as a construction to the glory of the single family home. As one approaches the structure, however, it is revealed that this monument is nothing more than a fortress of sticks. What seemed like gold is nothing more than a plastic imitation. The entire structure reads as an exercise in gilded superficiality. Moreover, walking under the project one sees that what seemed to be a perfectly regimented allotment of units is in actuality an increasingly bloated grotesque culminating at the nave.

Save for the actual structure, the project site is purposefully left bare. Like countless suburban developments around the country, it is surrounded by nothingness. It is accompanied only by a paltry lawn: the only thing that hints to natural life on the site.

Status: Proposal
Type: Public Sculpture
Client: Radcliffe Institute
Budget: US$40,000