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Change does not happen without a call to action. It takes the courage of speaking out vociferously to bring attention to a problem and incite others to work to change it. Such calls for change are often stifled, but we must not acquiesce. We must shout louder. We must break through and unite our calls into an irrefutable roar. Such uproars are undeniable. They can breed change. They can breed revolution. They can breed riots. Uproar, our submission to a public art competition revolving around the them of "riot," is designed around this power of the human voice. Building off the principal of a megaphone, Uproar serves as the people’s loudspeaker. A single voice is amplified enormously via four variations on the traditional megaphone. The public is encouraged to stand on the lifeguard station and speak out into the mouthpiece, to explode their ideas into the atmosphere for all to hear. 

Status: Competition
Program: interactive public installation
Client: City of Toronto
Budget: Confidential
Size: 120 sf
Type: Art installation